Digital Marketing

Digital Strategy & Marketing

Digital marketing strategy involves a lot of research in order to find specific goals that are achievable through online channels. In a digital era where most of the customers are using mobile devices, a good digital marketing strategy is critical for your business success.

We can help you find the best digital strategy in order to reach your business goals. On all our projects, we are researching your competitors, we build a clean and simple user flow, social media footprint, customer engagement solutions and brand recognition.

Digital Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation

Before to start, we research all the best suitable keywords for your business and create all the SEO and design work around them.

On-page SEO involves adjusting your website pages in order to increase its online visibility, taking in consideration the following:

  • Content Flow needs to be updated on a regulary basis and to have a natural flow. Remember that content is king and needs a lot of attention.
  • Meta Tags Title & Description needs to reflect the content of the page.
  • Linking Structure needs to be intuitive, easy to use and practical on small devices.
  • Schema Markup will helps search engines better understand your page.
  • Page Speed needs to be fast, with clean code and free from errors.

Sorting all On-Page SEO is not enough and will bring you only at the half way of your SEO adventure.

Off-page SEO strategy, will make a huge difference in traffic, ranking and revenue.

  • Backlinks from high autority domains can improve your ranking very fast.
  • Brand Mentions is like a digital record of who is talking about your brand.
  • Blog Posts or fresh content writen on a regulary basis about your business.
  • Social Media traffic to your website can be a positive indicator for Google.
  • Optimise local SEO if your business has a physical location, Google My Business is the way to go.
  • Community Build meaningful relationships with your customers and create communities around your business.

Web 3.0 & Community Build

Web 3.0 narrative came together with the increasing demand for a more secure, transparent, descentralised and efficient way to develop your online business. Blockchain-based platforms and applications are leading the hypergrowth in the next generation of the internet.

Web 3.0 marketing is more than SEO, it involves tokenisation, semantic web technology, artificial intelligence, metaverse economies and much more.

If in Web 2 Social Media Marketing was a key point in the success of your online business, in Web 3.0 this was already replaced by marketing influencers, community building and platforms which allow the transition toward true digital ownership. Own your data and start building communities around your business! We are here to help.

Digital Strategy