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The Garden Pod Website

I have to say that The Garden Pod project was the most enjoyable one, purely because Allan (company owner), understood from the very begining that a logo and a website won`t boost his revenue overnight. We worked great together (and still do) to improve the website ranking, but let`s start from the begining.
We had a brief discussion about his business, what is trying to achieve and who are his competitors. We`ve started to research competitor websites and to figure out what they are doing good or bad regarding their online presence. When everything was clear enough, we`ve chosed few keywords that could bring us great advantages SEO wise and started designing the website around those keywords.

First step was designing the branding and logo (those can be seen in the image grid from above).
From branding and few images with his great Garden Pods already done, we built the website which is constantly updated with every project they finish. This is an extremly important SEO fact. The content is king and needs to be treated as a king. Regarding SEO, the website was optimised both In-Page, dealing with all the link structure, meta tags, content flow and Off-Page trying to increase the ranking with juicy backlinks and a good social media marketing. More about this, in a future post.